Beautiful Friends and Extended Community,

June 12th, 2023 marks the fourth anniversary since a drunk driver took our precious Ruby and Hart from us. Since those horrific, earliest days we’ve been searching for the best way to honor their legacies of joy, empathy, and kindness through some form of lasting philanthropy. We’ve come to realize that many of their talents and interests, from Ruby’s art and short stories to Hart’s ridiculous improvised characters and love of acting, began in very early childhood with an activity that most of us take for granted: reading and being read to. Ruby and Hart’s full but far too short lives were profoundly enriched by stories and characters that fueled their imaginations and filled their hearts.

Since publishing her first childrens’ novel, Gail has had the privilege of working with Writers and Artists Across the Country (WAAC), an incredible organization that brings authors of childrens’ literature into underserved schools across the nation. Authors give their time, and WAAC provides every child with their own copy of the author’s book. Gail has seen firsthand the excitement that her visits have brought, and the way students’ beautiful faces light up when they’re given their very own copy to take home. Your donations will go toward sending authors into underserved schools all over the country with giant boxes of books, each of which will contain a Ruby and Hart Foundation bookplate. Students will be able to experience the joy of writing their name in their very own book.

Our goal is to make The Ruby and Hart Foundation a fully endowed fund that can meaningfully contribute to WAAC and organizations like it in perpetuity. We’re doing this under the umbrella of the California Community Fund. Please help us fulfill this ambitious and meaningful goal by giving generously. All details as to how to make fully tax-deductible contributions and learn how WAAC fulfills their extraordinary mission can be found below.

With love and gratitude, Gail & Colin

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